Review and Publication Procedure


  1. Each submission is first internally assessed by Chief Editor and Managing Editors to judge its suitability for publication. If the article passes initial assessment is sent to the Editorial Board for further assessment and suggestion of the reviewers.
  2. If the manuscript is accepted for publication consideration is sent to two independent reviewers who are specialized in the subject matter and they are given one month (maximum of 30 days) to complete the review task. The independent reviewers are requested to indicate whether the manuscript is publishable in TER or not. In case he/she considers it publishable, they are further asked to state, whether they should be publishable in its current state or with minor revisions or with major revisions.
  3. The comments from the independent reviewers are then communicated to the corresponding author who incorporate and resubmit.
  4. Once the resubmissions are done, TER management sends the accepted articles to the publisher for editing, formatting and typesetting; and then the respective Volume of TER proceeds to production.
  5. Generally, the submission can take up to maximum of 4 months for the review process, decision and feedback communication to be complete.